Live Free or Dragons open for Fantasy Submissions

Call For Submissions: New Hampshire Pulp Fiction on fantasy

Come all ye tale-tellers, yarn-spinners and bards! The sixth volume of the New Hampshire Pulp Fiction series is now open for submissions—and your submission needs to be fantastic: literally!

Volume VI, tentatively titled “Live Free or Dragons,” is seeking New Hampshire-based fantasy fiction. Elves at the town meeting, unicorns in the White Mountains, or supernatural lumberjacks in the north country. If you’ve known the magic of a bright autumn day, hoped to meet a faerie on the streets of Nashua, or felt that something wondrous might lurk in the chill of a boulder cave, this anthology is for you. Your story can be contemporary, historical or other-worldly—as long as it features a strong New Hampshire connection.

Author Elaine Isaak has edited Volume IV, “Love Free or Die,” and Volume V, “Live Free or Ride,” and will edit the fantasy collection, which is scheduled for release in autumn 2016, said George Geers, of Plaidswede Publishing in Concord. Previous editions, edited by Rick Broussard are “Live Free or Undead” (horror), “Live Free or Die! Die! Die!” (detective/mystery) and “Live Free or Sci-Fi” (science fiction).

Visit the website at or Plaidswede Publishing on Facebook for further updates and information about the series.

1. Submissions should be 1,000 to 8,000 words long.

2. New Hampshire must be integral to the story but how you use it is up to you!

3. Stories can be any subgenre of fantasy literature: contemporary, traditional, sword-and-sorcery, but there must be a fantastical element to the work. If you are uncertain that your work qualifies as fantasy, please send it anyhow and let the editor be the judge.

4. Submissions MUST include your name, address, phone number and email on the first page.

5. Follow standard manuscript format: double-spaced, include page numbers, Times New Roman 12-point preferred.

6. Payment will be $50 on publication and two copies of the book. Anticipated publication date of September 1, 2016.

7. Submission Deadline: May 1, 2015. All rejections/acceptances will be sent by June 15.

8. E-mail submissions to: livefreeordragons @ (remove spaces)


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